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Find Your Ideal Contact Lenses

Our caring optometrists take extra care to ensure your contact lens exam is accurate, providing you with the perfect prescription and a comfortable fit. They'll guide you to the Walmart Vision Center, where you can explore trusted brands like Acuvue Oasys and different types, including gas permeable and Transitions™ contact lenses.

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Unlocking the Formula for Contact Lens Comfort

The secret to a great contact lens fit lies in precision and expertise. That’s why our eye doctors in Colorado Springs consider factors like curvature and moisture levels to find the perfect lenses for you.

Female Holding Contact Lenses
Male Fitting Contacts

Why You Need a Professional Contact Lens Exam

A contact lens exam is vital for your eye health and visual comfort. It helps detect any potential issues that can impact contact lens wear and allows us to guarantee an accurate prescription. During the exam, we'll provide insights into proper contact lens care and offer a trial pair to test at home.

Personalized Lens Solutions for Your Lifestyle

Your contact lenses should correct your vision and complement your lifestyle choices. At Colorado Springs Eyecare, we offer lenses tailored to your unique needs and preferences. We consider comfort, visual acuity, and ease of use to recommend lenses that seamlessly integrate into your daily routine.

Female Fitting Contacts

Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

These lenses are designed for easy wear and offer the luxury of starting each day with a fresh pair, eliminating the need for cleaning solutions and storage.


ACUVUE OASYS MAX 1-Day contact lenses use an unprecedented combination of technologies to deliver all-day comfort and visual clarity, day to night.


Alcon DAILIES TOTAL1® Water Gradient Contact Lenses

Alcon DAILIES offer unmatched comfort and feature a unique water gradient design that ensures a silky-smooth surface for your eyes. They provide exceptional comfort, breathability, and clear vision, making them an excellent choice for daily wearers seeking premium comfort.


Biotrue ONEday

Discover the natural feel of Biotrue ONEday daily disposable lenses, crafted according to the biology of the eye. These lenses provide comfort and clear vision, allowing you to enjoy the freedom of hassle-free wear.

Bi-Weekly and Monthly Contact Lenses

Bi-weekly and monthly contact lenses offer a perfect blend of durability, comfort, and affordability. They provide consistent clarity and comfort, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted vision for an extended period. You can also find extended wear types that offer seven to 30 days of wear without removal or storage.

ACUVUE® VITA® Monthly Contact Lenses

For consistent comfort and reliable visual performance, trust ACUVUE® VITA®. These monthly contact lenses are designed with HydraMax™ Technology, maintaining moisture from day one to day 30.


Bausch + Lomb ULTRA®

Bausch + Lomb ULTRA® contact lenses use MoistureSeal® technology to maintain 95% of their moisture for a full 16 hours and provide outstanding comfort throughout the entire day and month.


Biofinity® Energys™

Combat digital eye strain with Energys, innovative lenses specifically designed for digital device users, protecting against eye strain during extended screen time. They feature Digital Zone Optics™, which reduces visual disturbances and offers a more relaxed viewing experience.

Bifocal and Multifocal Contacts

Enhance your vision with our bifocal and multifocal contacts, advanced lenses crafted to address presbyopia, which makes seeing up close difficult. They allow you to seamlessly transition between near and distant vision without switching between reading and prescription glasses.

1-DAY ACUVUE® MAX Multifocal

The intense demands of today are especially difficult as we get into our 40s and beyond. Combined with age-related vision changes, our tear films become less stable leading to dryness and vision changes. These contacts tackle these issues head-on so you enjoy crisp, clear vision and all-day comfort.


Bausch + Lomb ULTRA for Presbyopia with MoistureSeal technology

Bausch + Lomb ULTRA for Presbyopia Contact Lenses offer a seamless solution for age-related vision changes. These lenses are specially designed to provide clear vision for both near and distant objects, allowing you to focus on your everyday tasks without the hassle of reading glasses.


Biofinity® Multifocal

You don't need to inconvenience yourself by switching between reading glasses and regular lenses with Biofinity® Multifocal. These lenses offer clear vision at all distances, allowing you to navigate your day effortlessly.

Specialty Contact Lenses for Hard-to-Fit Eyes

For people with challenging prescriptions and eye conditions, we offer fittings for specialty contact lenses. Whether you have astigmatism or other hard-to-fit vision needs, our expert optometrists will find your precise measurements to design custom lenses that ensure optimal fit and clarity.


ACUVUE toric lenses provide precise vision correction for astigmatism while offering exceptional comfort. These daily disposables feature HydraLuxe™ Technology, ensuring all-day hydration and clarity for those with irregularly shaped corneas caused by astigmatism.


Biofinity® Toric

These toric lenses offer reliable astigmatism correction and are designed for extended wear, allowing you to enjoy consistent vision without needing constant adjustments.


Alcon Precision1 Astigmatism

Only contact lenses uniquely designed to correct astigmatism can provide the clear vision you need to keep it moving. PRECISION1® for Astigmatism lenses also feature a cool bit of genius known as SMARTSURFACE® Technology, which keeps moisture on the lens surface.