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Questions & Answers About Contact Lenses in Colorado Springs

Woman with contact lens on her finger in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Dr. Fedders Answers Your Question About Contact Lenses

Q: Who can wear contact lenses and at what age can you start?

Anyone with healthy eyes and a desire to wear contact lenses is a candidate. Most kids do great with contact lenses! I do not have a minimum age to start wearing contacts, however parents must agree that their child is responsible enough to handle the care required to safely wear the lenses.

Q: Are glasses better for my eyes than contact lenses?

As long as you care for your eyes and contacts properly, contact lens wear is safe.

Q: Is wearing contacts better for sports activity?

Many athletes find it more comfortable to participate in activities wearing contact lenses. Especially sports that require helmets or face shields. A few benefits of using contacts for sports are; improved peripheral vision (you don’t look outside of your glasses frames and have a change in your vision) and no slipping of your glasses or fogging from sweating.

Q: Should I see an optometrist or an ophthalmologist for my first pair of contacts?

Most ophthalmologists (eye surgeons) do not specialize in fitting contacts. Optometrists do.

Q: About five years ago, I was told I was not a good candidate for contacts. I have odd shaped eyes. Are there new options available today?

Yes! We have had many new breakthroughs in contact lens technology in the past few years. Please ask if you are interested in trying contacts and we can take measurements to determine if they will work for you.

Q: Do you carry contacts that can change my eye color?

Yes, we have contacts that can make a subtle or dramatic change in your eye color. Our office has demo lenses in stock for you to try on to determine which color you like best.

Q: Can I sleep with my contacts? How often should I be changing them?

There are different types of contact lenses. Some need to be changed every day and some can be worn for extended periods of time. We will recommend the best kind depending on the prescription required and health of your eyes.

Q: I am worried about putting my finger in my eye. How does someone get used to this?

We provide a one-on-one class on insertion and removal techniques and teach you everything you need to know about wearing and caring for contact lenses. Then we will ask you to practice in our contact lens room so we can observe and give you pointers until you feel comfortable. Practice makes perfect!

Q: I had an eye exam about 8 months ago. Do I need a separate exam in order to get contacts?

Yes, each contact lens is a different size and shape. After calculating your prescription, we will take measurements of your cornea (the front surface of your eye) and determine which lens will fit the best. Next, we place the contact lenses on your eyes and evaluate your vision, plus the centration and movement of the lenses.

Q: Can I swim while wearing contacts?

It is not recommended to swim with contact lenses.