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Contact Lens Questions & Answers With Dr. Fedders

Q: Who can wear contact lenses and at what age can you start?

Most people with healthy eyes can wear contact lenses. There is no magic number for which age to start. Many kids wear contact lenses successfully. As long as their parents feel they are responsible enough to care for the lenses, they are great candidates. We spend time with each new contact lens wearer to be sure they learn how to care for their lenses.

Q: Are glasses better for my eyes than contact lenses?

Not necessarily. Some people with higher prescriptions actually see more clearly with contact lenses than they do with glasses.

Q: Is wearing contacts better for sports activity?

For many sports, especially those where you need to wear a helmet, contact lenses are more comfortable than glasses. Eye protection is very important when participating in sports.

Q: Should I see an optometrist or an ophthalmologist for my first pair of contacts?

Yes! Contact lenses are a medical device and need to be fitted to your eyes. We measure the curvature of the cornea, which is the front surface of your eye. Then, we can determine which shape and size of contact lens will fit the best. It is very important to evaluate the centration and movement of a contact lens on the eye for health and comfort.

Q: About five years ago, I was told I was not a good candidate for contacts. I have odd shaped eyes. Are there new options available today?

There have been many advancements in contact lens design and technology in the past few years. There are very few people whose prescriptions do not fit into the parameters available today.

Q: Do you carry contacts that can change my eye color?

Yes! We have options for both subtle change and also dramatic change. They are available in our office to try on and decide which color you like the best.

Q: Can I sleep with my contacts? How often should I be changing them?

There are some specific contacts made out of a very breathable material that have FDA approval to wear overnight. It depends on your prescription and the type of lens that you need.

Q: I am worried about putting my finger in my eye. How does someone get used to this?

Practice is the key. We will spend time with you teaching you how to insert and remove the lenses.

Q: I had an eye exam about 8 months ago. Do I need a separate exam in order to get contacts?

Yes. A contact lens evaluation is different than an eye examination for glasses.

Q: Can I swim with contacts in?

It is not recommended to swim with contacts.


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